Emotions flare as lawmakers debate non-citizen voting

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Tempers flare as lawmakers move forward with a dozen gun-control bills in wake of Orlando shooting. Congress unlikely to change gun laws after shooting. Full coverage of the Orlando nightclub shooting

GOP election drubbing scrambles tax reform outlook. Will the results stiffen the spines of undecided lawmakers – or cause them to flee from a Trump-sanctioned tax plan?

Moolenaar to host veterans

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The recommendation from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Charter Commission to allow non-citizen voting will be met with opposition from Republican lawmakers in the city and state. "I think it is becoming more and more apparent that the Charter Commission is a political tool for a political agenda," said republican city councilmember james oddo.

Not every citizen can vote for a reason. If voting is a right and not a privilege, then even criminals would be allowed to vote on matters even though they have violated the law and simultaneously gotten rid of their privileges but nit their rights and so if they cant vote then it is considered a privilege, not a right.

dnc press secretary responds to Non-Citizens Voting With. –  · DNC Press Secretary Responds to Non-Citizens Voting With Outrage Over Voter ID. Is Hillary Clinton’s Op-Ed A Signal Flare That She Might.

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Lawmakers met Monday to discuss a new law that would restrict voting to only U.S. citizens. Lawmakers met Monday to discuss a new law that would restrict voting to only U.S. citizens.

Personal Emotions and Political Decision Making: Implications for Voter Competence. what if some voters personal emotional reactions to events completely unrelated to public affairs influence their voting decisions? The conflation of personal emotions with political cognition challenges.