Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country

On Sunday, several Democrats running for president blamed Trump’s rhetoric for inflaming racial tensions around the nation. ‘When you give a safe harbor to hate from the Oval Office, it gives license.

Donald Trump is the only president who’s decided not to represent the whole country," Biden said. "The president has his base. We need a president who works for all Americans." "And I’m optimistic for.

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He added, ‘The energetic embrace of this president by the darkest hearts, the most hate-filled minds in this country says it all. congressman claimed Wednesday that Trump is a white supremacist.

Trump has no idea what he’s doing Trump has no idea what he’s doing.. May 13, 2019 By jamesb. Op-Ed from Eugene Robinson @ the Washington Post. The thing to keep in mind about President Trump, as he thrashes around like a weak swimmer in a strong current, is that he has no idea what he’s doing. None. Not a clue.

Justice Is Coming For Trump and He is Terrified: Saturday’s Good News. – GoodNewsRoundup. Yesterday, I went with a couple of friends to pray at a local Mosque to show our support and love of our Muslim brothers and sisters at this awful.

Homes 4 Families Hosts over 360 volunteers at the 2019 Women’s Empowerment Build Ivy tech community college grads told to celebrate, support others The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR. sick because their families are unable to provide them with sufficient food and clean water. In northern Turkana County,

 · On May 3, 2016, when donald trump appeared to. saw collusion between his backers and british intelligence agents. Was the chairman of the Convention’s Arrangements Committee, Ralph Williams, really. Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country:. Subject: Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country.

KERMIT, W. Va. – It was a startling spectacle in the heart of Trump country: At least a dozen supporters of the president – some wearing MAGA stickers – nodding their heads, at times even clapping, for liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren.

Republican lobbyists to mingle with McConnell at NRSC fundraiser NO LOBBYISTS WANTED When a prominent Washington lobbyist expressed a desire last week to attend Sen. Barack Obama’s next fundraiser. Republican reformers left Washington for their Thanksgiving.

 · Pocahontas in Trump Country.. Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country The liberal firebrand draws nods and even a few cheers on a trip through rural west virginia.

When Trump says the United States should halt immigration of Muslims, he means temporarily, until the country comes up with better screening, she said. As a temporary measure, Gill-Warren said, she.

Trump’s admirers applaud him because, on some deep genetic level, he is a tough tribal leader. He divides the world into us and them, hits the other side where it hurts, and takes no prisoners. Modern.

Under Israeli law, BDS backers can be denied entry to Israel. Trump has vented in recent months against Tlaib. unprecedented move," Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, a US senator,